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At Hay Hays Homestead

We believe that a simple life is a fulfilling life. We want Your backyard to become a self-sustaining ecosystem that’s home to a flock of happy chickens, a thriving vegetable garden and a variety of fruit trees, a way of life really. We believe in sustainable and organic farming practices, which is why we use natural fertilizers, compost, and pest control methods that we can teach you how to use.

We Also Offer a Variety Of Classes On

We take pride in our homemade products such as jams, and salsa, which are made with love and care using only the freshest ingredients. Our handmade crocheted items and sewn items are in our shop as well for you to enjoy. Our products are perfect for gift giving or as a treat for yourself.

At Hay Hays Homestead we’re committed to providing high-quality locally, sourced products that nurture your body and soul. We believe in building relationships with our customers and providing a personalized friendly experience. Come visit us and see why our customers keep on coming back for more.
Lisa Stewart Lisa Stewart

The beginning Gardner class I took was absolutely spot on. The hands-on experience was great and I learned everything I needed to start my spring garden. Can’t wait to take another class!

Donna Johns Donna Johns

The scarf I received was exactly what I was looking for!! The colors and quality were exceptional!! The attention to detail was really great!! I highly recommend hayhayshomestead!! Y'all will not be disappointed!! I will definitely buy again!!

Christine Herr Christine Herr

I absolutely loved learning how to make pasta from scratch. We learned step-by-step the process and the class was so fun not only did we get to have a great meal afterwards,I’m making homemade pasta at home for my family now!



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